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How I got accepted into a PhD program

My Journey to the start!

I’ve received questions from many people ( and by many, I mean 5 people) on how I got a fully funded PhD scholarship. So I’ve made a little video compiling my process and how I tried to be proactive. It definitely look a lot of dedication and self motivation but for me, it was worth it!


    I made a mind map of all the possible ways for me to attain a PhD as you can see it below

2. PhD portals

Definitely the first place to start. I mainly used and

3. Detailed Excel sheet

So I made a list of all the countries I would like to do a PhD in, based on my priorities and choices. Then each day , I made a schedule to complete one country a day. It would take me about 2-4 hours depending on how many universities are there in the country. So I would start with each university, see what funded projects the already have and apply to them. Then I would also look at the faculty in my area of interest and email them personally stating my interest and attaching my documents

4. Be proactive on Linkedin

I started posting what I was learning everyday, making them into creative posters and the responses really surprised and truly motivated me. During this time I also got really interested in Science communications and got inspiration from other scientists

5. Moodboards

This was for my personal motivation. For whichever country I was applying that day, I would make a mood board after just to be inspired and imagine what it would be like to live that. I love travelling so these little things helped me stay inspired.

I hope this post was helpful for you and gives you some direction in your PhD search! It probably looks like a lot of hard work but it was just 4-5 hours in a day. In the end it’ll be worth it. All the best!



By immunologist_phd

Early stage researchers in Immunology. Currently I am in my first year of PhD on recombinant allergy vaccines, awarded scholarship by the PhD-Program Molecular, Cellular and Clinical Allergology, (MCCA).

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